Trim Dies, Jigs, & Fixtures

Custom Trim Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, and Other Value Added Services

Trim Dies, Jigs, & Fixtures

Manufacturing Custom Trim Dies, Jigs, and Fixtures for Automotive, Appliance, and More

Working with an experienced ISO certified tool manufacturer like Service Tool means gaining access to a wide range of value-added services. On this page you can learn about our additional solutions, which include trim die manufacturing, custom end of arm tooling, production machining, fixture manufacturing, and more. We want all of our customers to be aware of our full suite of capabilities to ensure they get the most out of working with us.

Custom Trim Dies

Service Tool & DIe can be your one stop shop for all of your diecast tooling needs. We have the ability to design and build your trim dies at the same time we are building your diecast dies. We also offer trim dies as a stand alone service.

Our Custom Jigs and Fixtures Provide Reliable Machining Accuracy

Our team is often contracted to manufacture custom jigs and fixtures as part of a mold or die package. We can also provide you with a fixture solution on a standalone basis. No matter what types of fixturing you need, we have the ability to design and build it. We manufacture custom fixtures that will help in making your production process better. Some of the industries we make fixtures for include automotive, Defense, appliance manufacturing, and more. Our diverse experience helps us make custom jigs and fixtures correctly and efficiently.

Producing End of Arm Tooling

When you come to Service Tool and contract us to manufacture a custom plastic injection mold or to repair an existing mold, we will handle the process in-house. At our Henderson, Kentucky headquarters, we have everything needed for this work ranging from a 3D Laser Scanner to a spotting press to laser welding capabilities. Our team is adept at using all this equipment and can even sample a custom mold in-house prior to delivery. For example, our team can handle sampling from 50 tons up to 1,000 tons using equipment we have on site. Having these capabilities in-house helps us ensure quality guarantees are met for each job. They also allow us to manufacture or repair plastic injection molds rapidly and for competitive prices.

Contract Service Tool for ISO Certified CNC Machining with High Volume Capabilities

Whether you work in one of the aforementioned industries or are involved in making products that demand precise molding, Service Tool can help. Not every molding or tooling job requires the full suite of our equipment and capabilities. However, maintaining it all on site ensures your job will be well within our skillset, allowing us to complete it promptly and with ISO certified quality guaranteed.
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