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Die Cast Dies

Decades of Experience Making Die Cast Dies

As our name Service Tool would imply, we are experts when it comes to manufacturing and servicing tooling for die cast industry. The dies we produce include smaller tooling work and larger jobs ranging up to 75,000 pounds. This enormous capacity is made possible by our experience in manufacturing die cast dies, as well as the state-of-the-art machines we utilize. We can work off your custom tooling drawings or utilize NX and Cimatron software to assist with design work before our physical manufacturing process begins. Our website offers a wealth of information about our custom tooling capabilities. You can learn more about us online, then contact Service Tool to discuss your tooling needs and request a competitively priced quote from us.
Plastic Injection Molds

Manufacturing Custom Plastic Injection Molds Using State-of-the-art Equipment

Have your custom plastic injection mold manufactured by a company with 5 decades of experience. We serve the injection molding needs of industries ranging from Defense and Automobile manufacturing to medical equipment and agricultural production. Our diverse skill set and extensive suite of CNC machines and testing equipment makes us well-suited for complex injection mold manufacturing work. The equipment we use to manufacture custom injection molds includes multiple CNC machining centers with 5 axes capability. It also includes gun drills, drill presses, surface grinders, band saws, and more. The equipment we utilize offers us the capacity needed to serve the diverse industries who contract Service Tool for tooling work.
Trim Dies

Custom Trim Dies From Service Tool

The right custom trim die from Service Tool will ensure that your trimming process is as effective as possible. We design trim dies that seamlessly remove excess material and reduce the need for manual involvement in your die casting process. Whether you need a complete tooling solution or need a trim die manufactured on a standalone basis, Service Tool is a go-to tool and die shop to contract for the job.
Jigs, Fixtures, and End of Arm Tooling

Contract Service Tool to Produce Molding Jigs, Fixtures, and End of Arm Tooling

Whether you need a complete molding solution or only require custom jigs and fixtures, Service Tool can help. We know how important accuracy is to our customers’ molding work. The jigs and fixtures you can contract us to manufacture are made with this understanding in mind. We can assess your equipment and produce the right fixture and/or jig solutions that are needed to keep tools aligned and parts in place to ensure molding accuracy. Additionally, given our fixture manufacturing experience and tooling expertise, Service Tool is also a reliable source for custom end of arm tooling.

Industries that produce tight tolerance parts trust Service Tool to set them up with jigs, fixtures, and end of arm tooling that will help prevent errors and make their quality assurance process smoother. You can learn about the types of jigs and fixtures we produce by reading further.

Laser Welding

A Tool and Die Manufacturer With Laser Welding Capabilities

Laser welding is a process that we handle in-house. Doing so allows us to complete repair work promptly by avoiding outsourcing delays. We will also do standalone laser welding work. We are well-versed in this process, and it offers many benefits that traditional welding is not able or intended to match. Our website contains more information about Service Tool’s laser welding capabilities.
3d Scanner & Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Services and 3d Scanning Capabilities for Mold and Die Repairs

Are you working with an old mold or die and have limited or not data? If so, you may be concerned about your ability to have repair work completed to extend its lifespan. Here at Service Tool, we have solutions. Using our Hexagon 3D Scanner, we can obtain extensive data about a mold or die and develop a 3D model of it. Using this data we will be able to reverse engineer your tooling and understand how to repair it properly. This preliminary work will allow us to repair your tooling efficiently and correctly. If you want to save money by repairing rather than replacing an aging mold or die, contact Service Tool today to begin learning more about our cost-effective repair solutions.
Offshore Tooling Capabilities

Offshore Tooling Capabilities With Complete Us Based Oversight and Quality Inspections

One of the reasons our customers find Service Tool to be such a valuable resource for mold and die manufacturing is our flexibility. Not only can we manufacture plastic injection molds and die cast dies in-house, but we can also have this work completed overseas. For over a decade we have been able to work with reliable overseas tooling partners to manufacture tooling for our customers. This work can serve as a cost-saving solution and one that does not require sacrificing the quality of your tooling. Quality is guaranteed on all our offshore tooling jobs because we select the offshore factory to complete this work and organize shipping. Once the completed work is received, we then inspect and, when necessary, sample the molds in-house to ensure they will serve you reliably. If you are curious to find out more about our offshore tooling capabilities, we have plenty of info on our website and will be happy to discuss solutions with you.
Spotting Press

Utilizing a Spotting Press and Maintaining an Iso 9001:2015 Certified Qa Program

Quality means everything to our team. This is why we maintain an ISO 9001:2015 certification that we adhere to on every project. In addition to being an ISO certified manufacturer, we also go above and beyond when it comes to the equipment we utilize. Beyond the machines we use in our manufacturing processes, we also have a spotting press with 110 tons of capacity, and hoists with up to 25 tons of capacity. With this equipment, our QA program, and our ability to deliver completed projects when desired, Service Tool can ensure quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.

The die cast die tooling, injection molds, and trim dies we manufacture are of exceptional quality, but we know that the tough work this equipment is involved in can lead to service needs. This is why our team is available 24/7 should service needs arise. We want manufacturers to contract Service Tool knowing that we will not disappear once a project is complete. Our goal is to provide customers with the tools that they need and ensure that they work exactly as desired.

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