Die Cast Dies

Manufacturing Custom Die Cast Dies for, Automotive, Appliance and More

Die Cast Dies

Manufacturing Custom Die Cast Dies for, Automotive, Appliance and More

Industries manufacturing parts and products for automotive, appliances, and more rely on Service Tool. Throughout our 50+ years in business, Service Tool’s customer base has grown, and this has led us to specialize in serving a growing variety of industries. We are a trusted one-stop shop contracted by customers in need of die cast dies, trim dies, and plastic injection molds. We are an ITAR registered manufacturer that can produce tooling up to 75,000 lbs., putting nearly any project within our scope of capabilities.

As a trusted manufacturer of industries as demanding as automotive, and appliances we put quality, accuracy, and reliability above all else on each manufacturing job. On this page you can learn about our die cast die manufacturing capabilities and develop an understanding of the equipment we use to make die cast dies.

Our Facility in Henderson, KY Can Handle Large Die Cast Die Projects

If you are looking for a die-cast die manufacturer that can take on jobs large & small, Service Tool has the facility for the job. We can produce both smaller die cast dies and work on projects up to 75,000 pounds. While you may not need our maximum capabilities, we want every company that contracts Service Tool to understand our enormous capacity to handle both small- and large-scale jobs for customers in a wide range of industries. We successfully manufacture high pressure die cast dies & zinc dies.

Manufacturing Die Cast Dies for Automotive Manufacturers, Appliance Manufacturers, & More

Service Tool’s focus on continued innovation in tool and die manufacturing has made us a trusted resource for other forward-thinking companies. For example, we are trusted by tier 1 suppliers to automotive manufacturers who need reliable and precise die cast dies to manufacture automobile parts. These companies know we can be trusted to complete our die cast die manufacturing work efficiently, for a competitive price, and with exceptional quality guaranteed regardless of the level of complexity involved.

A Custom Die Cast Die Manufacturer with an ISO 9001 Certification

When you contract Service Tool to manufacture a die cast die, you can do so with confidence thanks to our reputation for precision and our ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certification reflects our extensive quality assurance program, which includes and is complemented by the advanced testing and data gathering equipment we refer to below. Being an ISO certified die cast die manufacturer makes us the ideal company to contract if you need dies made with exceptional quality. We can work off your models or drawings for new projects or use our 3D laser scanner to inspect older dies that need to be reverse engineered. This means that even before our work starts, we have a thorough roadmap outlining how the project needs to be completed. Then, prior to delivery of die cast dies, we inspect them to ensure quality assurance will be met.

Utilizing a Spotting Press, Lasers, and Surface Model Data to Ensure Accuracy

In addition to the equipment we use to manufacture die cast dies, our team also has a variety of design and testing tools at our disposal. These include a Hexagon brand laser scanner, and a spotting press. This suite of testing tools allows us to confirm that the dies we produce match your needs precisely. Whether we are building a smaller die cast die or a die up to 75,000 pounds, our spotting press, laser scanner, and QA program ensure your equipment will work as intended.

When manufacturing custom die cast dies, we value and rely on our team’s skill. However, we also know that combining experienced labor with advanced tools is a recipe for customer satisfaction. With our testing equipment, decades of die cast die manufacturing experience, and our ISO 9001:2015 certification, you can trust that Service Tool can manufacture even the most precise die cast dies.

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