Laser Welding

ISO Certified Tool and Die Shop with In-House Laser Welding Capabilities

Laser Welding

An Iso Certified Tool and Die Shop With in-house Laser Welding Capabilities

At Service Tool we are always innovating and finding ways to repair custom plastic injection molds and die cast dies more efficiently. One modern process we have integrated into our suite of manufacturing capabilities is laser welding. With laser welding we repair tooling a lot more efficiently than with traditional welding methods. Laser welding is a process that is cleaner than some other common welding solutions, which reduces the likelihood of material contamination. On this page you can learn more about how we utilize our in-house laser welding capabilities and what types of laser welding work you can contract Service Tool to perform.

Handling Laser Welding of Molds and Dies In-House Guarantees Quality

While most tool and die shops need to outsource laser welding to external companies, we handle this precision work in-house. We have advanced laser welding equipment and a skilled workforce that is trained in how to operate it correctly. By handling this work at our Henderson, Kentucky facility, we can oversee the entire mold and die repair process.

Another benefit of offering in-house laser welding is the turnaround time benefits it provides. We make getting your completed tooling to you quickly a primary goal of each manufacturing project we take on. We know that prompt turn times are just as important to our customers as our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality guarantees. By performing laser welding on-site, we avoid delays that other shops experience when outsourcing this necessary step in the tool and die repair process. This combination of speed and quality makes choosing us as your one-stop tool and die shop especially valuable.

Laser Welding Can Be More Effective on Intricate Parts than Traditional Welding

Having in-house laser welding capabilities allows our team to have the capability to repair any mold or die. The mold and dies we repair often involve welding in hard to reach areas. Laser welding provides us with the capability to do that. We find our laser welding capabilities to be very efficient when repairing molds and dies.

Performing Laser Welding as Part Repair Projects and on a Standalone Basis

Typically, we are laser welding molds and dies that are involved in repair projects that we take on. However, when needed, customers can also contract Service Tool to perform laser welding as a standalone service. Though less common, we remain open to serving as a laser welding resource for the right projects and welcome the chance to discuss yours. The Service Tool team wants to hear from you whether you need standalone laser welding completed or simply want to learn more about our capabilities. You can contact us through our online form or by phone to begin discussing your needs and start benefiting from our equipment and expertise.
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