Offshore Tooling

Low-Cost Offshore Tooling with US Based Oversight and Testing

Offshore Tooling

Service Tool Offers Low-cost Offshore Tooling With Us Based Oversight and Testing

Service Tool believes in being flexible so we can serve as many customers in need of custom tooling as possible. One way we accomplish this is by maintaining offshore tooling capabilities. For 14 years we have been offering offshore tooling as an option for customers seeking a low-cost manufacturing solution. While most of our work is done on-site at our Henderson, KY headquarters, our offshoring options can make for a cost-effective alternative to standard US-based manufacturing. As we indicate below, we possess the equipment and maintain a Quality Assurance program in-house that ensures each offshore job is built to spec. If you think an offshore mold or die manufacturing solution will serve your company, continue reading to learn more about our offering, then get in touch for a quote.

We Oversee the Offshore Manufacturing Process and Guarantee Quality

To ensure that each offshore tooling job we manage is completed correctly, our team has handpicked the offshore factories we work with. Before a new offshore project begins, we work with our customers to understand their needs. We then plan out manufacturing work in its entirety. Once our strategy is set, we outsource the production to a reliable overseas factory. We have longstanding relationships with the factory’s we subcontract work to, and we have been able to rely on them to maintain the level of quality we guarantee to our customers. When you contract Service Tool for offshore tooling, you can do so knowing that the materials used and the quality of the completed equipment will meet your specifications precisely.

In addition to planning, overseeing, and inspecting your parts, we also manage shipping to reduce the possibility of delays and damage. The complete management of the offshore tooling jobs we are contracted to complete is designed to ensure cost-effective, high-quality production with prompt turnaround times.

Service Tool Has the Equipment Needed to Sample and Inspect Tooling Made Offshore

As we mentioned above, we guarantee quality on each offshore tooling job we handle. While having the right manufacturing strategy helps us to maintain these quality guarantees, there is even more to the process. When your completed dies and molds arrive at our facility, we have the equipment needed to sample and inspect every part that was ordered. We are an ISO 9001 certified tool and die manufacturer with a robust Quality Assurance program and advanced inspection equipment. Examples of the testing and inspection tools we possess include a Hexagon 3D Laser Scanner and a spotting press. With equipment like this available for us to use on-site, you never have to worry about potential errors made during offshore tooling slipping past our team.

Offshore Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing for the Automotive industry.

We have a 50+ year legacy in business that has involved serving manufacturers from a diverse variety of industries. Our offshore tooling solutions have proved ideal for manufacturing plastic injection molds involved in a wide range of businesses. One group of companies that has benefited from our low-cost and high-quality offshore manufacturing are Tier 1 automotive suppliers. One example of the offshore work we have completed in the automotive space includes the manufacturing of plastic battery cases. This is just a single example of what we can offer you, and you can contact us to discuss your company’s unique needs.

Contact Service Tool to Discuss Your Potential Offshore Tooling Needs

Do you think your next manufacturing job will be best completed overseas with US-based management of the project? If so, contact Service Tool to discuss your needs, obtain a quote, and hire us to complete your important work. Whether you opt for us to handle your tool or die manufacturing in-house or overseas, you can contract us knowing that the quality of the work you need completed will be exceptional and the price you pay will be fair.
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