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A Tool and Die Manufacturer with 50 Years of Experience

Our History

Service Tool traces its origins to humble beginnings in our founder’s garage. Originally, Richard Fruit handled contract machining jobs with just a couple lathes and mills. The skill this work was completed with allowed Service Tool to earn more business and to begin expanding our operations in tandem with our customer base. This expansion led to our outgrowing the garage we originated in and moving to our current Henderson, KY facility in 1969. Our growth required more floor space and more advanced equipment, which we continue to invest in to provide our customers with the quality work they expect from Service Tool.

One thing that has allowed Service Tool to become a well-regarded tool and die shop is the fact that we are still family owned. Today our founder’s son Dwight serves as President of Service Tool & Die. Remaining family owned and operated has helped to ensure that the quality of our work and the investment in our team, equipment, and facility are never sacrificed. We work hard each day to both honor and build upon the legacy of our family-owned tool and die shop and look forward to putting our skills to work on your next job.

If you want to learn specifics about our equipment and tool and die service solutions, we make this information readily available on our website. We welcome the chance to quote your next tool and die related job and look forward to reviewing your drawings or even helping you with the design work. We invite you to contact Service Tool today so we can get to work providing the tool and die services you require.

Making Custom Molds and Dies for Automotive Manufacturers, Defense Contractors, and More

A tool and die shop with our capabilities and long history of producing high quality molds and dies is trusted by manufacturers industries that demand precision. Industries that seek out Service Tool to perform tooling and die manufacturing include tier 1 automotive manufacturers, including those making Electric Vehicles. They also include Defense contractors, appliance makers, and more. Whether you need a custom mold or die built for an electric vehicle component or want to repair an old mold, we have the equipment and expertise needed to serve you. We specialize in working with manufacturers in industries that demand precision, quality, and adherence to regulations like ITAR. If you are looking for a tool and die shop with our capabilities and experience, contact us so we can quote and complete your next job.

Meet Our Team

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Dwight Fruit

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Brian Melton

Engineering Manager
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Kevin Melton

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Amanda Pittman

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John Nelson

Shop Foreman

Die Cast Dies

Service Tool is the go-to source for die cast tooling and services. Our experienced team are well equipped to produce both small scale and large jobs of up to 75,000 pounds with our state-of-the-art machines. We can work off your custom designs or use our software to help with design work prior to fabrication.

Plastic Injection Molds

Service Tool is a trusted source for custom plastic injection mold manufacturing with over 50 years of experience. Our company boasts a versatile skill set and a comprehensive assortment of CNC machines and testing tools that make us the perfect choice for intricate mold fabrication work.

Trim Dies

Your trimming process will be as effective as possible with the right custom trim die from Service Tool. Our trim dies eliminate excess material without the need for manual involvement. It does not matter if you need a complete tooling solution or a trim die, Service Tool is the right tool and die shop for the job.

Jigs, Fixtures, and End of Arm Tooling

We understand the value of precision in our customers’ molding projects. That’s why the jigs and fixtures we design are carefully crafted with an eye towards accuracy. We can evaluate your tools and create the optimal fixture/jig combination to keep your tools in position & parts properly placed for perfect results.

Laser Welding

Using our in-house laser welding process allows us to complete repair work quickly by avoiding outsourcing delays. We can also perform laser welding independently. We are well versed in this process, and it offers many benefits that traditional welding cannot match.

3D Scanner & Reverse Engineering

Our Hexagon 3D Scanner can provide comprehensive data for an existing mold or die, and create a 3D model from that. This information lets us analyze the tooling to reverse engineer it so we can understand how to effectively repair it. With this data, we’ll be able make repairs quickly and accurately.

Spotting Press

In addition to the machines we use in our manufacturing process, we also have a 110-ton spotting press and 25-ton hoists. Service Tool can ensure quality at every stage of the manufacturing process with this equipment, our QA program, and our ability to deliver completed projects when desired.

Offshore Tooling Capabilities

Contact Service Tool to discuss your needs, receive a quote, and hire us to finish your important project. Whether you hire us to handle your tool and die manufacturing in-house or overseas, you can count on us to provide you with exceptional quality and at fair prices.
Service Tool

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