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3d Scanner & Reverse Engineering

Repairing Molds and Dies With 3d Scanning Tools and Reverse Engineering

Repairing old or worn molds and dies can be a cost-effective alternative to replacement. However, a lack of data can make the process challenging. At Service Tool, we have the 3D Scanning equipment needed to obtain information about molds and dies. We use this data to reverse engineer your tooling. This provides our team with a complete understanding of your tooling and allows us to determine the right course of action to take when completing repairs. On this page you can learn about our equipment and how it is involved in the mold and die repair processes. After doing so, we invite you to contact us to discuss your mold or die repair needs and offer a competitively priced quote to get the job done.

We Begin the Mold and Die Repair Process By 3D Scanning Your Equipment In-House

If you have a mold or die in need of repairs or refurbishing and lack data on it, Service Tool can help. Whether your tooling is old or was not originally your company’s, it is common for the original tooling data to not be available. While this makes the process more difficult, we can still make the needed repairs by utilizing our 3D scanning capabilities.

One of the first parts of the repair process here includes using a Hexagon 3D scanner to develop a 3D model of your tooling. This model provides us with the information we need to complete your repair successfully. Once we have a 3D model of your tooling at our disposal, we can examine it and chart the best course of action to complete repair work. From this point, the rest of our work is relatively straightforward thanks to the thorough planning the data from our initial work generates.

An additional component of our oversight process is our Quality Assurance program. Service tool is an ISO 9001 certified tool and die manufacturer. Our stringent quality inspection process is in place to ensure all mold and die repair work we complete is done with quality guaranteed. Our equipment is an important aspect of our ability to ensure quality, but it is only one aspect of many involved in our mold and die repair work. If you want your mold or die repaired with quality guaranteed, Service Tool has the certifications, process, equipment, and team needed to get the job done. To learn more about how we can help repair your unique tooling, you can contact us to discuss your need and allow us to get to work scanning, reverse engineering, and then repairing your mold or die.

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